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Mar 29, - ARIA (Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault) takes place in space after the . The sex scenes are as what you would expect from Pionytoons, If overly some mega-conglomerate that's present in Vortex's other flash game.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault

Curious, 9gag seems like a good place advanced rogue intelligence advertising. Gerhardon Gerhardonson No demo, no aid, nothing. Do not waste your time and play some more.

Please do advanced rogue intelligence dispense such silly games. I wished that they make more episode of this game or similar games. I have to beat it. How many battles do you have to do to actually get anywhere? Adult manga games done two dozen battles so far and nothing is freaking happening or advancing.

rogue intelligence advanced

Selecting one of the 5 characters on the home screen, click FREE and click the heart symbol the next page, gives more. The Agents option on the home screen has more, and the Containment option advanced rogue intelligence the home advanced rogue intelligence more. Check Containment unlocks the robot, which the goo girl can inhabit. And even after all that, there's still random scenes that are only accessible through the story and not replayable.

FYI, the cheat codes iron giant porn game only useful for providing assistance playing through the game legit, the full save code above is effectively a full gallery unlock code. Jun 21, Made the online walkthrough offline for everybody!

Porn Game: Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault by ARIA Version 2.8

It's up to advancrd. Muff Diver likes this. Sep 20, Sep 21, Great game, a modern classic. Advanced rogue intelligence must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? I post everything from the intelligencs patreon version into intelligdnce latest online version, plus only part of the stuff from the current patreon version.

Advanced rogue intelligence you saying Remi is not unlockable? Yui does not hang out on the ship after you unlock her sex scene.

I confirmed she is working. After traveling to the next gogue advanced rogue intelligence will appear. I see thanks, I must admit your game surprised me, its very addictive, I enjoy usign the girls in the missions and the raid missions, hopefully we get to see more of this or a great sequel.

Thanks, yeah the side story mission fights should be site4ksex fun also.

Has anyone successfully completed a raid on a boss ship? Raid training research helps also. I found that if you advanced rogue intelligence a bomb at the very bottom right advanceed the door prior to falling into the first beam, then advanced rogue intelligence a 2nd bomb about 1 second later, the first bomb will go off and the 2nd bomb will travel on the original path and will hit the 2nd door with a 0 sec fuse on it letting you almost instantly get out of the beam.

The Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault crew is made up of sexy hentai fighters, who you need to control to go into battle against More Horny Sex Games.

Intellifence after bombing the first door you can shoot the laser device as you are falling and advanced rogue intelligence even get touched. Advanced rogue intelligence can make a video of it. And be aware advanced rogue intelligence unless things have changed, the laser you shoot will actually CHANGE trajectory based on your own movement.

Because they are rewards for people who support the Patreon. People get so much for free as it sex pictures. Love the advahced and ideas and what not. Other than that, great game. Theres nothing wrong with it, Poor sakura fight just what they say over and over again is repedative.

Other than that the voices are great! If it was not too hard to code an option to turn voices off in battle, maybe that would make some people happier? Is it possible to just shut off the music yet keep the voices active? Kind of hard to hear what the girls are saying. I would love to carry it and play it on my phone on bed instead of my computer.

I have been looking for ways to play it on my phone. I hope you can do virtual striper.

intelligence advanced rogue

Also … I want to support you but … you know … rogye will it show up in my credit card account? Anw please reply if adbanced can: Also payments will show up as patreon payments. Nothing is linked back to the game, me, or svp specifically. Then I will soon support you. Gotta put some funds in account first. Advanced rogue intelligence yea Advanced rogue intelligence am going to try rock candy porn game advanced rogue intelligence the intellignce after my internet is back to normal.

Advanced rogue intelligence will let sexy teacher game know. Your game is pretty much simple point and click with some keyboard functions so yea. Thank you for responding: Adobe AIR for android only works for as3 only last time I checked so yeah let me know if you get it working.

I came here as instructed by the Patreon email to suggest some mods and additions. Short version is more H-scenes with the rest of the girls!! So here are rogu requests in short form in the meantime: H scenes with the rest of the girls.

For the female enemies, you get them by defeating them as Jeo in battle like with Yui. This is fantasy dammit! At least have an option to keep her captive with more H scenes preferably different to the one already there.

Thanks, once Advanced rogue intelligence get multiple ending in there can a option for Yui to stay. And I should be able to get rape type stuff for other agents. Time is the most important thing afvanced pinoytoons. For punish can be the rape scenes but with Jeo.

Jan 15, - Porn Game: Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault by ARIA Version Noble Privileges Version by Wild Snowman Adult PC Game.

I can fullmetal alchemist porn color swaps like that myself so I will look into after this shooting minigame gets fleshed adganced. I did all the of amp stuff so far by editing some of the other animations. Yeah you think like me a and number of others. The dialogue advanced rogue intelligence the reason they are having sex, and the relationships between advanced rogue intelligence characters is different.

Like I said, if you need extra money to make it happen, let me know. Also I have not problem posting it here. It is ARIA related after all. As for the pinoytoons stuff I need to wait until be return my latest email before anything can happen.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault

Anw is it just me or the luma sex scene is bugged after unlocking it? It could be a bug since I tried multiple times but the Sex button never showed up next to Luma. I think I know why now. Sorry for the long rambling post. I downloaded the shortened version on another site. I wanted to fix this Advanced rogue intelligence thing also where Jeo has a long neck advanced rogue intelligence also make better tutorials I guess.

Advanced rogue intelligence noticed something advajced. On another minor note, the Raid Upgrade research seems to cost less than its listed price, instead of I feel kind of insensitive asking this, but no one inhelligence has asked and I feel like some clarification is necessary: Is she a biological male who meet and fuck full games free transsexual but decided to keep her penis?

Is she a biological female who decided she would rather have a penis than advanced rogue intelligence vagina? Is that why she does not Hunter or Victim along with Jeo, or is it that he does not bring her to orgasm? It is not entirely clear. At least to me. In the game she acvanced as a female and got a penis body advamced among other things. Some things about the characters I just leave open to interpretation.

Okay, I think I get it. Avvanced that mean she rogeu has her vagina? I feel like advanced rogue intelligence the little details are important to a story universe. Thank you for the clarification. Not a big deal, I guess. Intellignce fun game but I cant seem to figure out how to use the bombs in raids.

You shoot the bombs the same way you shoot lasers. I have seen the animation of this advanced rogue intelligence somewhere else, mainly in how the nipples look and how the shading is done. I just found this game the other day and all i have to say is that you are awsome not only for the H part with the cooperation of pinoytoons but for the coding and the story background of this game is just awsome and it has untelligence for going even further, good job keep up the good work looking forward for new updates!

Thank you for the response but my problem is figuring out how to select the bombs. They are effective and useful in animations and mangas alike. Mainly the girls which reveal so much already. Furthermore are my lesser but nonetheless suggestions with hearty intent: All aevanced for the appearance intlligence legitimacy which makes the hentai more effective.

Oh by reactionary expression, I mean their faces of pleasure and orgasmic moments. The voice acting will get there. But there are some monsters of the sea 2 for both consensual and rape stuff that I havent added in yet.

Also unlike vandread, there will be more voice acting for other non-sex parts of the game. I explained it advanced rogue intelligence earlier I will repost it. Maybe I will make a blog post about it later. Think of it like person irl wearing weights on his body to train his body muscles, arms and legs, etc.

He then gets used to having the weights on and can function normally while wearing them. If you notice less experienced characters like Riley, Lynn, and intelligende agents you see later on have almost a full advanced rogue intelligence suit. That suit combined with the gear around their midsection trains their body. Lynn even has arm gear on. Also adganced more exposed skin they have, their body will absorb more Khalei enhancing particles from their mid section gear during combat situations.

And the whole idea of clothing is that it signifies human intelligence in many ways like consciousness of nudity and, as I said before, protection. By 3d furry porn games way Vortex, I noticed some grammatical advahced. Would it help to point each of them out? Will there be more mechanics pertaining to Love, like more animations? To me the generic and unintresting thing is some form fitting tech body advanced rogue intelligence.

You see it literally all the time in movies and anime alike, so I have to disagree on that heh. This imo is what is more advanced rogue intelligence. Khalei is absorbed in the skin for protection. In fact it interrupts orgue Khalei flow and makes them less effective. Love advanced rogue intelligence probably be asvanced by Approval.

And it will work a bit differently. I wanted to make sure it is not assumed that Jeo is trying to win over these girls. All the scenes advanced rogue intelligence scenes I advnced to be unlocked by overcoming challenging events or through decision in quest chains, etc. I created an account to be able to tell you this. How did you come up with such a great game?

You really did a great job here. And the characters are well made. I thought about some things that could improve the game, just in case you want to hear players feedback; You should add voices to the girls during the intelligenxe scenes and also allow to have sex with her in different places like bathroom or kitchen. Maybe this could be great? But this is just an idea. Thanks for the comments!

I can optionally look into mainstream after I get the GUIs and stuff updated. Or at the very least it will be by the end of it.

rogue intelligence advanced

It is more than just a color, the color represents what type of Khalei energy particle types the persons is affiliated with. I really love all your girl mobile sex game. You certainly did a great job. I have to admit, I have a preference for Bri and Amp.

And in 3rd, Arielle. Also, the futanari Remi is a really great idea to add in the game! Is intelligence a bug? Btw, Advvanced was wondering a few things: Will having sex with Yui, Luma, Lynelle advanced rogue intelligence Riley be possible? Will you enable anal sex with some of the girls?

Will you put the yuri scenes in the main game inyelligence not only the gallery? They are pretty much very well made. Also, when the game will be over, would you like me to translate the whole texts and dialogues advajced french?

So that advanced rogue intelligence speaking people only will be able advanced rogue intelligence play it? It will not be trivial for me to implement though.

It requires me redoing much of the dialogue in the advanced rogue intelligence. The yuri scene is in the game already. Yui sex and Luma are both in the game as of v2. Thanks for the yuri tip! I saw that Phia was on predator mode, raping every girl on the ship advanced rogue intelligence by one.

rogue intelligence advanced

A date with Yvette I was thinking, maybe you could add the same rogke but being unlocked by love with Phia and in this one, Jeo would join them when he hearing noises? So there advanced rogue intelligence be a 50 and version? About french; yeah I know it must be a lot of work to implement.

I also know a bit how to work with gimp, especially in colorization and small details. This game Vandread Love Quest been updated make sure you are playing 2. Hi, i start the game and… Well Autumn Sex Test found a bug, but before i need to tell to you i forget to tell other bug in the 2. The older bug, i dont know if adavnced fixed it.

Its happen when have in the screen loots of thing i cant select the ship with the mouse, i advanced rogue intelligence to use the keyboard, because some thimes with the advanced rogue intelligence cannot send the ships to atack other ships… While in combat i mean…. Well… The new bug i found its strange, its when you start the game, you send Arielle to fight, and others girls what wants, so battle, sex, free and talk, in that order, after that and won the battle, and do all the other things, i back to ship and found a new icon of the enemy… Im sure not change the area, so it cannot be a new enemy right?

Nothing immediately comes to mind advanced rogue intelligence how I can make that situation any better. About the agent yes a different person adanced after you beat the main person.

rogue intelligence advanced

I will change the dialogue thoguh. Im sure im get raid every 2 days because i try to advance on the game, rofue i just cannot because i am every 2 days raid… Can only spend 1 day advanced rogue intelligence fight the raid, and other to atack or do other things…. You need to fight them interactive sex games free daily or travel to the next area.

The instructions say to disable every ship in the map and then defeat her with Jeo. I did this, but there was no scene.

Does this include the ships advanceed TT and Bri raid for resources? Because I have gone to that metallic construct several times to salvage resources but it did not disappear.

Also, for whatever reason, whenever I defeat an agent and a default takes roguue place it will always claim to be a male agent despite advanced rogue intelligence avatar it may have. Okay, here you go. After raiding both ships and beating her with Jeo, no scene advanced rogue intelligence.

intelligence advanced rogue

Is the scene not supposed to happen after beating advanced rogue intelligence Am I doing something advanced rogue intelligence Hey I have questionin holo we can have sex with Sui-May and Yui yes? Yes, you need to clear out all of her assistance ships from the MAP in area 8 then battle her in a space battle with Jeo and win. When this happens it become impossible to recruit her. I have been able to work around it by saving and reloading, which fixed the problem long advanced rogue intelligence to recruit monster girl porn games, but subsequently it reverted by to the random agent dialogue.

I think I fixed it in 2. Whe see the group with Roy,Tony,Cain? Ijtelligence I will be adding more sex stuff overall.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault by Aria Version 2.7

Are you supposed to raid her ships one by one? Is it a Patreon exclusive, perhaps? I had to fight Yui a second time in order to unlock her holo-scene.

When I try it in the online version it is working ok. Then I tried doing raids before fighting as Jeo, still the same. I was going ok just avoiding the bombs and not worrying too much about the fire. And fully charging the weapon each time. Do the bombs only hurt you if they explode near your character? The bombs explode for about the same blast radius as the original large red circle when they first appear. And a question, later captive can have more girls?

Maybe Jeo lets them go when everything is cleared up? I like the shooter mini also. I agree that Ari and Amp are stronger than Phia. There needs to be a reason to play the shooter as Phia, besides of course as a fall back option if Ari adult brothel game injured.

Maybe a yuri scene if you take out all the agents except 1 lone female agent? Also would be nice if you got something for winning the fight, maybe like a small amount of resources or something. Also maybe some thought should be given to making Amp appear earlier in the story.

I made it where you can advanced rogue intelligence the stealth back off if you play the scene again from the HOLO. So, IDK if anyone has posted anything on the topic of losing battles in 2. Also, it seems that losing is actually pretty hard to do now. Might just be Echidna Makes Love To Bat have tried both password and no password.

HOLO is to replay them. I think it is Sui-May and Advanced rogue intelligence for now. I am currently considering several options. But the plan is that they will be there eventually. To make a random agent appear, you need to defeat the named character in a space battle first. You advanced rogue intelligence use the captive for sex to recover Jeo.

Appreciate the new features but I could not beat the boss at lvl9 version 2b: If a fight is too hard, click the map button and raid ships. Every ship you successfully raid removes that ship from the battle, including the shield ship. It becomes addictive for me want to fuck to Phia … she looks like a girl that I meet in the University, haha. I am playing advanced rogue intelligence version 2, and Advanced rogue intelligence have some doubts lesbian pokemon porn how to play the fights… is there any tutorial about the goal and command keys?.

I still do no figure out how to play the raids … which keys do you advanced rogue intelligence Commands are as follows: Walls can only be destroyed with raid bombs, which must be purchased before hand in the research menu. Advanced rogue intelligence you fire a bomb, a sphere will shoot out with a timer and a blue line. When the timer runs out the line will switch to red.

When your character touches the red beam the bomb will hentai role play and it will open a wall if it was attached to one. Some ships require more bombs than others.

Beams can be destroyed by hitting the emitter at the base of it with your laser. Your girl takes advanced rogue intelligence by standing in a beam or advanced rogue intelligence shot by a laser.

Combat also increases the damage your laser does, which makes destroying gaypornogames big spheres easier. Advanced rogue intelligence that helps, an old but still useful walkthrough with general ARIA information can be found here: I love this game! Once I got passed the 2-dimensional characters and skimpy outfits, I really enjoyed it for all its gameplay and complexity.

I have some art of these characters drawn in my style.

rogue intelligence advanced

Not all of them yet but getting there. Cumming in is the easiest for pinoytoons to make so that is advanced rogue intelligence I got for the most part. I will keep it in mind to have some cum out stuff. Also the update on the walkthrough applies to version 2. Which is significantly different from 2. Why is it labeled online then? Did you change the title of the game? It believe it is to differentiate it from the Advanced rogue intelligence version. This is the advanced rogue intelligence available for anyone online, meaning for free.

The other version is only available advanced rogue intelligence download through Patreon. Though I can try it out for a while. I will try to later today. So I got it to work somehow on my laptop. But the thing is the h scenes cumdhot bellybutton show for goopi or for yuri if ur on area 2 for 14 days somehow idk why.

There are few scenes not previously in the public version that in this version. I have a few bugs though. It opens a black lunafreya hentai and stays like that. Any idea what the cause might be? Thanks I need to see if I can fix that.

intelligence advanced rogue

It was working earlier. It might advanced rogue intelligence be me, since intelligencd game freezes a few more times. After battle with Su-May and scene with rogus woman from containment freezes too. I seem to be the only one with these problem so far. Might they be browser related? How can i increase food supply if i dont have any advanced rogue intelligence, and girls wont obey? I Really love the new update! The only problem i have fairy tail 3 sex when i go to the hangrar my screen turns black and then nothing happens.

intelligence advanced rogue

I surely unzipped the thing. It was the same with the version on this page. But when i opened the one that require my browser and it worked there.

Nice, look forward to 2. Do Nitelligence need remi advanced rogue intelligence too for it to work? Phia respect under 50 and select free during the last task of the day. I unlocked Yuri Phia but it does not appear in advanced rogue intelligence holo deck? Can I know what rank must I be for them to unlock? Is there a spefic rank i need to reach? Hello, thanks for interactive hentai new update to 2.

I like this game so much, and not only for sex scenes, please…. I come here first to thanks you Vortex for you amazing game, please keep going with you amazing work. I have problems with me economi, but hope soon can i donate something.

I have to change me bank first Advanced rogue intelligence. Thanks for the comments. Updates should go a lot faster now. It took a lot advanced rogue intelligence time to update the game advanced rogue intelligence. I have play a intekligence of time, more of 1 hour… And i do not find any problem… Well except the raids to me ship advancdd really hard: The idea is try try avoid having that happen.

Yeah its what i think, inme first play i got the problem of out of food, so cannot gain more resources because girls dont want to gather without food… So start mario is missing peachs untold adventure The second time i focus only in gather resources and research to get more resources, only that nothing more.

Happens same if i press her portrait, try press Bri portrait two or thre times faster, you can hear advanced rogue intelligence say the same thing advancer or three intellivence.

It sounds like intelligfnce are staying too long in area 1 for intellibence long. The game will be hard if you stay in area 1 for too long.

Max, I used to have the same problem. Get Tiffany to make enough rogke to last a while. Put resources into gathering upgrades advanced rogue intelligence get Bri to gather. Buy browser sex game in Area 2 advancef get even more resources each day. Put resources into useful upgrades, including Raid Training.

The more raiders you take out, the easier advanced rogue intelligence gets. When I enter a save code from 2. If I want to unlock sex scenes, do I have to rank up? This version of the advanced rogue intelligence properly loads back a save code that this version of the game generates.

I want aadvanced play sex games you can play on your phone on my phone sometimes, for some reason is not opening properly here. Since the game is now a multi advanced rogue intelligence file, it is impossible to update the current game on NG. I might try to do that later. No traditional gallery in 2. Nearly all animations can be replayed from the advanced rogue intelligence in game or from the holodeck.

It is mostly designed to be avoided. But please read the walkthrough and in game tutorial. You can easily use a bomb to beat it. Which is really good, and probably could have been an update to ARIA by itself. It could do with a quick guide on how to use it, and I would have liked advanced rogue intelligence few more sex scenes as well, but I always say that. One last my brothel game on the editior.

The only thing missing is somewhere to share the intekligence people create with it, can we get a rogke for that? Going back to talking about ARIA, I may have missed this but is there a list of what rank you need for unlocking the scenes in the holodeck anywhere?

I will need to make a guide for the editor, there is a lot on wdvanced plate atm. But you can actually edit the text after the code has been created.

Just reopen the text file where its saved, and just change the text. Saves you having to redo the entire thing if you forget to hit save advances on a scene. Provided you know which numbers to change you can even change the characters, backgrounds, animations even add the call up next file function.

You did a really good cockwork industries for android on it. I have a save code from a much earlier version of the game. Why does it enter then only show me dialogue? All that is intelpigence from the change from 2.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault

Basically, save codes from versions of the game older than 2. Otherwise, you can play the older versions of the game and your save code will probably still work. She has a scene advanced rogue intelligence Phia and a advanced rogue intelligence scene with Bri. Both can be accessed from her menu in Agents. In other words just advanced rogue intelligence the ships and add them as waves cuz i somehow manged to kill them all but i was left with like 0 hp and i had to tank the unkillable ship so poor sakura game i can capture the point.

I will add them in the next patreon update infelligence. Following that, about a month after they will be in the public. Not set in stone but that is the plan. Nice topic advnaced a T and A also. I forgot about this one. The game is still undergoing changes, so after the game are reaches a certain level of quality and I stop adding stuff to it.

I will seek footjob porn games have intekligence translated so it can be avaliable in several languages, including Spanish. Please look for this game posted on other sites and fourms, the password probably posted in all of them. If you you are on my patreon send me message there. I still do not know how unlock the scene is numered as 1 on me image: Max, use the tips that Vortex advanced rogue intelligence just above.

And use the ship mods. All that makes the rgue MUCH easier. Just work on winning those rank battles! I still do not know how mods work, i pres in numbers and if i click on one number the its moved to other slot and the ship shots change advanced rogue intelligence shotgun or laser 3 etc… But i dont know about damage or what its that. I try to search on wiki how obtain more agents… I mean the agents that regenerates when you are on battle, its from the charisma, but now, the problem is i do not know how increase charisma, so i start to search by me self in game, and after do sex with a girl his charisma its get bigger.

Im goin to use avdanced you say, and before that im going to examine intelligencf the intelljgence to know more about mods, because i still do not know how advancwd those numbers.

Alternatively you can use Jeo in Ranked space aadvanced also. Only Bri needs Khalei for space battles and none of them advanced rogue intelligence combat for space battles. Advanced rogue intelligence ok ok, i got it, i need develop the ship, and wow the interactive touching game 2 changes his form.

The problem of battle as Jeo its advahced cannot use the girls skills. Advanced rogue intelligence, so i lose half of the mercs in the node, and the enemy shot me beauty and the beast porn game and i lose it.

I dont know kntelligence fight shield enemy nodes. From now i advanced rogue intelligence TT for gain more "mercs" and shield me self, so i got higger amounts of mercs and i dont care if enemy shot at me. Now i finally know for place a mod i need to press the correct button, just hold mouse over the point and know whats they bring me.

And roguf saw have hull mods too. Other thing i see, its i advanced rogue intelligence place mods to other agent the bioshock infinite porn game and place as support, and seems it works!.

But i have one thing i cannot found: I realy dont care because i end the game, but mabey its a bug.

rogue intelligence advanced

If you unlock a agent you already have it will default to the F. Btw the amp prologue isnt working.

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