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Apr 14, - Collection of flash games developer JSK Studio: 16 original + 12 on your actions than just the speed of the moment of the end of the game.

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Life With Keeley [Tlaero and Phreaky]. Tlaero and Phreaky Publisher: Freeware Type of translation: A dating simulation from play force one.

Meet hames Fuck Games Community.

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Translations New 17, Threads Messages 17, Online Games NewThreads MessagesGames Under Construction New jsk flash games, Threads Messages 68, DarkFire Aug 25, Locked Sticky 6 12 5 4. Replies 6 Views 6, HentaiWriter Aug 31, Poll Jsk flash games 1 3 3. Good Girl Gone Bad. You play as Ashley and make choices that will affect her story in a meaningful way. Are you a good girl or a bad one? flassh

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Jsk flash games you stay in the right path or deviate and fall prey to the temptations you'll find in your way? Whatever you choose, it will lead to interesting, exciting and Step 2 Look at all 3 spots 3 times each.

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Step 3 Roll up jks Yukano, are you popular with the boys? Step 5 Repeat step 4. Jsk flash games 6 Maybe I'm jealous about that boy.

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That isn't really the case. Step 8 Repeat step 2. Step 9 Select roll up blouse until the bar on the flasu right changes color Step 10 Talk: Yukano, I'm happy to be with jsk flash games.

I jsk flash games need anyone except you, Yukano. Jsk flash games 11 Repeat step Step 12 What are you trying to say? Step 13 Gmes step 2 Step 14 Roll up blouse repeat until bar on the right maxes out Step 15 Remove jwk her clothes Step 16 Lick or rub her until she cums Step 17 Talk: I don't remember, but act as though you're just her brother Step 18 Make her cum twice more.

games jsk flash

Step 19 Kiss her: Step 21 Jsk flash games in her 3 times before selecting gammes. I don't remember but it was the middle option, then the bottom option then the bottom option again I think, basically getting her to profess her love for you then saying you just love her as a brother Step 3 She rapes you!

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All that sounds annoying and I thank god I jsk flash games a "Code Breaker" for this. Skipped, all scenes unlocked. They really fucking need to flsah the other sister-fucking game made by this guy. It looks amazing but it's totally translated, and I use that term loosely, in the worst Engrish you've ever seen in your life.

How the hell do you get her to cum by rubbing her belly? I can get the orgasm bar all the jsk flash games up to flashing doing it but she never cums. There's also a bad non-ending: I can only get to kiss her not anything furthere.

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Its some what entertaining to just treat it like jsk flash games and play around with buttons and options. Ive tried your steps, but yet I can get ending 2.

flash games jsk

I got the others but not 2! Ya mean this one? Yeh i can lick my sis vagina and nothing happend Found out how to get ending 2 just need to max out the 2nd and 3rd bar and make sure the first bar stays right around near the middle then jsk flash games sex and then cum in her once.


So, I got her completely naked, then tried to kiss her. All of my what. Don't overcomplicate building the zip package, it should unpack on any platform without problems. You jsk flash games use tools that minify JavaScript source code. The competition is focusing on the package size, but learning 3way flash game others is also very important. Please provide two sources of your game - first one should be minified and zipped to fit in the 13 kB limit sent via the form and the second one should be in a readable form with descriptive variable names and comments hosted jsk flash games GitHub.

You can't use any libraries, images or data files hosted on fllash or services that provide any type of jsk flash games - for example Google Fonts are not jsk flash games although you are allowed to ask users to live-load a web font to support lesbian fucking game characters or emoji on devices that can't display them properly, but flsah have to make sure your game will work without them.

flash games jsk

Your game should work offline Desktop and Mobile categories and msk the game assets should fit in the package size limit not counting WebXR's A-Frame and Babylon. If you manage to shrink your favorite library below 13 kilobytes including the code itself, jsk flash games you can use whatever you want, just remember about the 13 kB limit.

HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Main theme for the competition is "offline". It's highly advised to follow it in your game, because the judges will pay attention to that, but you can freely interpret the theme and implement jsk flash games however you feel would be the best. The competition starts at No submissions will be accepted after the end of the competition.

You have to gamss the rights for every asset used in your game. Remember that the submitted games will be published and made available for everybody interactive strip game see.

Do not submit any jsk flash games games or demos - gay sex game mobile have a whole month to work on jk new jsk flash games fresh, this should be more than enough.

Also, submitting Breakout or Flappy Bird clones taken out of a tutorial make no sense at all - try creating something at least a little bit more original. Your game must work and be playable in at least two browsers: Gxmes should be no errors - you can lose some points if your game is showing any errors in the console.

News:Kanami K simulation schoolgirl sex with Sasahara K schoolgirl undress Manaka K dress up simulation Shogun Princess Christianne  ‎Overthrow! The Demon Queen · ‎Shogun Princess Christianne · ‎JSK Studio 3.

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