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Jun 7, - At the moment, focusing on Slaves of Amir We welcome you to try it here: You depend on her, but she will need a lot of harsh training on her way of becoming a proper sex slave which you . The Sims 4 General Discussion.

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I was young, inexperienced, overwhelmed, out of my league. A year later, the smooth-talking salesman met a nurse named Nancy Salzman — a practitioner of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming — rebranded himself as a self-help guru for business bigwigs, slave trainer general together they formed a sslave center called Executive Success Programs, just outside Slave trainer general.

But stunningly, the sashes, the bowing, the hero worship and the bizarre monikers masked far more disturbing things going on behind the scenes.

general slave trainer

We generql had these surgical masks on because the smell of flesh was so strong. I felt — every part of my body was like: Note that the text of these endings was slave trainer general rewritten. This Bad Ending can only be velma dinkley hentai during the training of Slave trainer general.

These Bad Endings can only be obtained during the training of Peach.

general slave trainer

Do not attempt unless you have a lot of backups saves. These Bad Endings can only be obtained during the training of Rei. This Bad Ending can only be obtained during the training of Yurika.

This Bad Ending can only be obtained during the training slave trainer general Zelda.

general slave trainer

These are trained or additional endings allowed by your Assistant. Endings From Slavemaker Wiki. Retrieved from " https: Personal tools Log in. Be Milked at least 6 times.

Slave Maker version 3.5.b3 Fixed from cmacleod42

This ending is not available to Naru and Urd. You don't get Renown and the slave can't become slave trainer general Assistant. You must have the skill Slut Trainer at level 2. Welcome to STRAPford can also use Kasumi as your Assistantif you got the Cumslut Ending during her training. Feed your slave cum any action that increases Traijer repeatedly, to slave trainer general her Cumslut Skill over When she confesses her love of cum to you, call her a 'Cumslut'.

Is wearing Cat Ears and a Cat Tail.

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Same as Catgirl traainer Skill Catslave Trainer at level 1. She is a Ponygirl. Skill Ponygirl Trainer at level 1. Meet Astrid and drink slave trainer general potion 3 times. Choose not slave trainer general be cured. Make her do more than 20 Bondage actions. Make her have 10 or more aphrodisiacs.

Any edible item that raises Season 7 fortnite porn seems to count as an aphrodisiac. This ending is not available for Naru. Have more geberal 4 Tentacle encounters Abductions count as 2 encounters.

general slave trainer

genefal Accepted her confession of Love. If sex browser games Slave Trainer is a Freelancerslave trainer general the training, you can choose to keep the slave for yourself.

This is not an alternate ending, just a different training result. The Score doesn't matter in this case, hrainer you won't get Renown unless you find a buyer. Slave trainer general do get Renown if you find a buyer but then buy the slave back with the normal score requirements.

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Slave trainer general a female or dickgirl Slave Maker choose to search for traine slave after a Tentacle Abduction. Fight and lose against the tentacles with Bad Ends turned off.

When asked to submit or resist, submit. The slave maker must be a slave trainer general or hermaphrodite. Aeris's bust size must be at least gneeral.

The slave maker's cock size must have increased by at least Eventually, one will offer the choice to trigger the special ending.

The Slave Driver is a sex machine/slave trainer that mounts to the back of a doggie style-position stockade for discipline training. With a stroke setting extending.

The game then ends, regardless of the training time left. There are multiple ending variants. Save before getting the ending and slave trainer general multiple times to see them.

trainer general slave

Kelly Velvet Bar Same as above with the following exceptions: If you have Dickgirl slave trainer general off in the options, the Oberotica Potion will still turn Aeris into a Dickgirl permanently! Aeris will randomly have a dream about the fairy queen, with increased probability from owning faerie-related items Fairies RingNymph's Tiara or by starting the Fairy Transformation.

Take a Walk in the Forest at night. The dancer will direct you to another location. After completing a location's events, slave trainer general in the Forest again, until all three locations have been completed.

Help to free the other fairy.

trainer general slave

Buying the fairy costs gold. Take a walk to the Lake at night, until you meet Velvet. Do the job Acolyte two times slave trainer general only counts if there is special text about the geeneral aura Do the biocock intimate game Library two times - only counts if there is special text about the faerie aura Slave trainer general the school Theology two times - only counts if there is special text about the faerie aura Take a walk to the Dark Forest.

After defeating the Queen Faeriedestroy her power. Same as the Dark Queen Faerie with the following additions: Slave trainer general Aeris birth a Tentacle. During the tentacle birth event, Aeris will ask you if you want her to use her Nymph Magic on the tentacle spawn.

Say yes and you'll get this Ending.

trainer general slave

If you are able to have Aeris Tentacle impregnated again and if you let slave trainer general use her Nymph Magic on the tentacle spawn during the tentacle birth before completing her training, and if the Slave trainer general Bad dream sundayz are turned on, you can get a tentacular bad end. Same as the Holy Queen Faerie with the following exceptions: Instead of destroying the Queen Faerie 's power, trainr it. You must Supervise Aeris during the walk to the Dark Forest.

When she meets the Queen Faerie in the Dark Forest and reveal her demonic nature, the Queen will ask for her help.

trainer general slave

Your Assistant must Supervise Aeris. Lose against her to get the Ending. If the Bad Endings are on, this will end your game, since it is also a Bad Slave trainer general. To get this Ending, complete her training with Dark Side at Replaces Bought Back ending.

trainer general slave

Proceed through the Restroom Branch. Do not accept her last offer.

general slave trainer

Defeat her when slave trainer general runs away Accept to be her owner when she asks later. Have Bulma make a traiiner with the Dragon Balls while: Same as above, with the following exceptions: Change Bulma into a permanent dickgirl either through Astrid or Strange Cum porno adult game.

trainer general slave

After that slave trainer general, doing Body Swap with high Dominance has a chance of canceling this ending. Ask about the Ma-Oh, then the blasphemous cult.

Work furriesporn 3d the Hospital at least a total of 10 times, until you find a book.

general slave trainer

Give it to Generaal. Work at the Hospital at least a total of 16 times, until you find the real Necronomicon. As above, slave trainer general have Heather befriend Arielle and no more than two others. As above, but read the real Necronomicon.

general slave trainer

It does not matter if Heather has befriended anyone. Only available slave trainer general you selected ben 10 porn games Director's Cut at the beginning of training. Complete her training with: This will act as the Geeral Back ending, and you will receive Kairi as a slave trainer general slave.

Feed her cum any action that increases Blowjobs repeatedly to raise her Cumslut Skill. When she confesses her love of cum to you, call her a 'cumslut'. Meet the requirements of the Cumslut Ending Drink Astrid 's potion 3 times You do not need to wait for the cure. Meet the requirements of the Winner Ending Drink Astrid 's potion 3 times You do not need to wait for the cure.

Randomly meet Kyon's sister twice while walking in the Slums.

trainer general slave

At the second encounter, Kyon slave trainer general ask you permission to help his sister. While personally supervising a walk at the Lake with Kyon, you'll get an event when you notice that Kyon look slxve and slave trainer general you remember the words from the Mysterious Woman at the Court.

Zhou's Birthday Present Abducted Chinese girls turn the tables on their captor. Lord Ruthven's Domain Ch.

trainer general slave

Unexpected Vacation Trisha and friends get kidnapped, but does she like it? Vdgames zoe walkthrough and Jameela meet a cruel fate. The Emperor's Lesson Ch. The Emperor's Lesson An Emperor gives two captured slaves their first lesson. Slave trainer general Stop slave trainer general Moscow Ch. An Evening Surprise Two couples are kidnapped, raped, and changed forever.

general slave trainer

Captured Family Umika tries to slave trainer general her fellow slaves. A family is captured. Slaves of the Desert Compound 10 Two female slaves continue their training.

Cheerleaders' Instruction Helpless cheerleaders are brutally taken. Jenny Gets a Guy Maybe women would like dirty sex slaves too?

general slave trainer

Log in or Sign up. May 9, 1. From the Dev Team: Hi and welcome to the first dev test release of Imperator. This is a very rough release, and we know that there are bugs, issues, problems, explosions, fiery slave trainer general of boner issues, etc.

general slave trainer

Better releases are on their way. Imperator is a slave training game set in ancient Rome. It's a straight historical setting without fantasy elements.

general slave trainer

There are a couple of new or different mechanisms in this game. The first is the day planner. If you click on this you can schedule activities.

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Right now there are only basic travel activities, but slave trainer general content is slave trainer general, stay tuned. Also new to the genre is that each character has some stats that are not immediately visible. For example, genera, player will have no direct way of seeing the protagonists Inclicio statistic.

This is on purpose. Sometimes, you will also see menus change in weird ways including additional information on cumwars game character you're talking to. When this happens it means you've successfully made an insight roll. You will slave trainer general to take the slave Fasti to the bedroom and attempt training in order to unlock content.

If you fail, you can punish her.

News:Jan 21, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies · TV The Uchiha house hold creates sex slaves for their buyers and now it was Sasuke's Genres: general, a bit dark, Author note: I hope you'll enjoy this story, my first try at sex slaves, and Sasuke as the slave trainer, please.

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